About Us

Our Team

Wayne Irby Custom Cabinets and Trim is a long established business offering custom made bookcases, cabinets, gazebos, entertainment systems, kitchen remodels, storage buildings, stair systems, and wood flooring.

 Wayne and his team have been in business for many years and are here to work with you the make your remodeling project simple.

Irby Remodels consists of a team of carpentry experts who are available to help you figure out the best plan for your remodeling project. We can give you estimates on the expected cost of your project so you are not blindsided by any unexpected expenses.

Irby Remodels has successfully completed many projects. We have provided a photo gallery of some of our projects for you to view. We are able to customize your project to fit your needs, and make it your own. Contact us today and lets us help you create the look you have been waiting for.